Sarasvati You can reach a state of physical wellbeing and inner freedom through Yoga and Meditation. I am here to help you be fit, healthy and the most authentic, joyful and free self you can be.
Yoga and Meditation sessions are online as well as in studio – so you can join yoga and meditation sessions from wherever you are. 
You don’t have to be a particular age, size or shape to practice or to find ease and inner freedom in your life. You are welcome whether this is your first tiptoe into Yoga or whether you are an experienced practitioner looking for the right class or that little bit more.

Here on this website you can find out about:

*Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops


*‘Yoga Off the Mat – Freedom in Everyday Life’ book,


*Yoga off the mat contemplation cards, and blog,


*CD/mp3 for Deep Relaxation and Meditation


*‘Fluff-free freedom’, a life-changing yoga off the mat course I made for you

*and some free practice videos


Yoga classes

Including deep letting go, meditation, warming up the body, and movements that mobilise the spine in all directions, these leave you feeling energised and yet relaxed. The general level classes include some dynamic work to help you feel strong and fit as well as some slowing down and meditation. Chair yoga makes yoga much more accessible and private one to one sessions are also available.
Check the schedule here to see when you would like to do a class.
‘Thanks for another great class. I thoroughly look forward to each Monday night.’
There are other workshops and one day retreats too. Check the workshop and retreat schedule here.
Find out more abut how to find inner freedom here
Find out more about the book here.
‘You don’t need any Yoga background to get some everyday practical tips to finding inner freedom in daily life. I highly recommend this book.’
Buy the contemplation cards here.
‘Every single card is appropriate, inspiring, relevant. Nothing airy fairy. Anyone & everyone will find them useful.’
Buy the deep relaxation and meditation CD/mp3 here.
‘I experienced a very deep relaxation, which led to a blissful state of meditation.’
If you are looking for a dedicated Yoga and Meditation practitioner and teacher who can offer you appropriate modifications if there are some ways that your body doesn’t like to move, if you have injuries or are pregnant, just starting on your journey or done lots of Yoga before (or if you are just looking for someone who knows what they are doing) please get in touch.

Get the free ‘What really is Yoga?’ PDF:

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