What was true in ancient times about your Self is also true now

What was true in ancient times about your Self is also true now

The words might have changed over the years, but not the meaning. The truth then is the same truth now.

The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, the Shiva Sutras and countless other writings ranging from Rumi to Eckhart Tolle talk about an altered or transformed way of seeing, that changes your experience of life.

They talk about lifting the ‘veil of illusion’ that prevents us from truly seeing and experiencing the love and bliss that we are. (That veil is the mind, that pesky intrusive thing that, although also very useful, creates images and thoughts that actually distract us from our essence, our truth.)

They also talk about experiencing our natural state of freedom, of one-ness, of union, of experiencing the creative being of the Universe. They talk of profound love and bliss, not the romantic sort of being ‘in love’, but the very state of love itself.

This same state of freedom, of one big creative being, of love is still there to be experienced right now.

It is as relevant now in our modern lives as it ever was. Probably even more relevant than ever! And perhaps even harder to experience, as the number of inputs our minds have to deal with these days has grown at an exponential rate, and so dropping back from the state of mentally processing might be even harder than ever.

The thing is, this is not something that you work out intellectually, although of course words can still help to convey an understanding or an experience.

This is an experiential project with ourselves!

An opportunity to drop back from our ever-busy mind. Not just to give the mind a break, although that is a nice side benefit.

But to really and truly experience the profound inner freedom that comes from letting go.

>> Do you agree? Have you felt even a touch of this experience of your Self that is not just the busy mind doing its thing? I’d love to know!

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