UPDATE – I am taking a break from teaching June 3 – 29 inclusive (resuming June 30). All classes will go ahead with other awesome teachers and you are sure to learn something new.

Yoga and Meditation Classes are online and in person as per below (BOOK HERE)

Including deep letting go, meditation, warming up the body, and movements that mobilise the spine in all directions, these leave you feeling energised and yet relaxed. The general level classes include some dynamic work to help you feel strong and fit as well as some slowing down and meditation. 

‘Thanks for another great class. I thoroughly look forward to each Monday night.’



9.30am Meditation (online)

This online group session starts with a chat about something to do with living a meditative life with mindful awareness, and the possibility of letting go and feeling into stillness. Then we move into meditation, usually with a little guidance. Every now and then we explore a meditation technique in more detail, such as a breathing practice or mantra or mindfulness technique. You are usually sitting in a chair or wherever you are comfortable at home, perhaps with a cuppa. You are welcome to join us if you are interested in yoga and meditation ‘off the mat’ and if this resonates!


10am Yoga with weights (online)

This class is a full yoga session with the addition of weights to add resistance and maintain and or build muscle and bone strength. It is important for us all, but especially for those in the peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal years. Choose the level of weights that suits you (generally 1, 2 or 3 kg) or go without the weights if you prefer. You can build up your weight level gradually and of course remember to breathe! Please note that this is a yoga class first and foremost, and NOT a gym session.

7.30pm General Yoga (online)

In this general level class in my signature style, we take a slightly slower pace. Even though we do a few rounds of sun salutes we don’t do any great big back bends or strong inversions as we are quieting down and letting go of the day before bed. We take a nice long shavasana – corpse pose – to let go of the day and orient ourselves into the practice, and finish with meditation. There are options throughout to suit your capacity on any given day.


9.15am General Yoga

(NEW LOCATION Feb 13 onwards, Anglican Parish of St Stephen and St Mary, 383 High Street Road, Mt Waverley)

This is an in-person class. You are welcome to join this gorgeous community of men and women for a general level class in my signature style and then a cuppa at a local cafe together afterwards. We bond on and off the mat and explore all aspects of living yoga.

You can also access some free online classes via my facebook group and practice videos page.
Do you have specific needs? Private sessions via zoom are available, please enquire. 

See the workshops and retreats page for for information on upcoming ONE DAY retreats at my home studio in Mordialloc or go to the store to book