Yoga Meditation and wisdomYoga off the Mat – Freedom in Everyday life

‘You don’t need any Yoga background to get some everyday practical tips to finding inner freedom in daily life. I highly recommend this book.’

This book is to help you find the freedom that Yoga offers, without having to spend hours and hours on the mat or meditation cushion. It is about the ‘inner Yoga’. It is the perfect companion to your practice on the mat, whether that is in Yoga classes or your home practice. It is also a great read for anyone doing Yoga teacher training or considering that path. It is not meant to be a scholarly work, just a simple and personal account of how to make Yoga work profoundly for you. How to get and keep that state of Freedom.

There is so much here, presented simply and clearly, that you can take away to make the whole point of Yoga – not just the postures – more accessible and understandable.


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Do you want richness that doesn’t just come from money? You know there is more to life. This book guides you to it.

Are you caught up in busyness, maybe unsure of your direction or how to juggle it all? Do you have doubts about whether you are living life to the fullest potential? You know there is more but are not sure how to access it?

You are stressed and even though you occasionally feel the peace that comes from Yoga practice or meditation, or even gardening or a long hike in nature, you don’t know how to keep that state, you walk out of class and lose the feeling.

Perhaps you fear decision-making, fear the future, lack confidence in yourself? This book guides you simply and clearly how to keep more of that feeling in your life. 

‘Your attractive book is comprehensive and easy to follow. Each time I pick it up, the cover (whatever has been used to create the feel) gives a grippy feel. Like having a grip on life!!! Your “pure joy” photo on the cover invokes a smile. ?? Also, wherever it falls open, I read and find interest.’

Nola M

‘I’ve been researching this subject for years and it feels like going round in circles … every page of this book is inspiring and uplifting and a pleasure to read, not hard work. I’m feeling so mush awe for these teachings … thank you for gifting us with this precious book.’

Maree B

‘Yoga has given my life more meaning. Given me a much clearer way to navigate through my emotions and understand my mental ruminations and projections. It has given me a home for my spirituality. I don’t see Yoga as a religion at all but as a way of living.’

Katie, Yoga student and teacher

‘Sarasvati has presented a beautiful and heartfelt explanation of the purpose and practice of Yoga, in its full meaning as both a way of living and as a physical practice.   She describes the Yoga of living with a passion for simplicity and straightforwardness that makes sense to anyone, because it comes from the heart of her own realisation. She offers guidelines for practice that will encourage even the sceptic.’

Swami Shantananda (Mataji)


‘Your book is the new bible’

Leanne Watson, Yoga student

‘I commend Sarasvati for so eloquently exploring the wisdom, depth and complexity of yoga in a simple, accessible way. The language feels almost conversational, as if in relationship with the author. It guides ones own exploration and practice. It is written with authenticity and heart.’

Michelle Muirhead, Yoga student

‘Your simplicity and ordinariness is so engaging – I’m truly impressed’

Sri Geoff Carsen