Sarasvati feeling inner freedomYoga has helped me to find inner freedom in my life, a state that feels calm and grounded.

It is my hope that you can find this too, and everything that I offer has this behind it.

Yoga practice also helps me to stay strong, mobile, healthy and comfortable in my body.

My work is to help YOU find this ease, joy and comfort with your body, mind and life.

As well as the physical practice, I believe that true inner freedom and bliss is available to anyone. 

So that you can get to know me better, join my facebook group where I share plenty of free stuff. Started in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are a growing community who like to talk about yoga on and off the mat and I’d love to see you there. Also check out my teaching schedule here.

I have been practicing Yoga since 1996 and teaching Yoga and Meditation since founding Waverley Yoga Studio in my lounge-room in suburban Melbourne in 2002. Before that, I trained and worked a Medical Scientist for 20 years, earned a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and trained as a Yoga teacher with the Australian College of Classical Yoga in 2001. Yoga teacher training with Mataji (Swami Shantananda) opened my eyes and was a real life-changing experience for me. I am a Senior Member of Yoga Australia and member of Meditation Australia.

As well as my ongoing classes I am involved in many aspects of the Yoga teacher-training program at ACCY, including teaching anatomy, asana and Yoga wisdom. I have developed a number of post-graduate workshops for Yoga teachers, and also teach a variety of workshops and retreats for ongoing students of Yoga and Meditation, mainly in Mt Waverley and Mordialloc and also online. As well as ongoing classes, I have taught Yoga and Meditation in various settings, including the corporate sector and on many Yoga retreats with my teacher Swami Shantananda and more recently with Danni Brown.

Please note – classes are ONLINE as well as in studio when we can – as per the schedule.

sarasvati inner freedom yogaThis means you can log in from anywhere so I welcome you from wherever you are!

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On the 6th of May 2018, myself and 10-other participants were fortunate enough to attend Sarasvati’s wonderful Beautiful Breath workshop, and I can say with confidence that we were left feeling much more in control of our breath.

Believe it or not, our thoughts, the daily stresses of life, even the clothes we wear, can impede our ability to control our breathing, to allow our body to thrive and heal with the breath. At the beginning of this workshop Sarasvati explains what happens with our body when we breathe. A process which many of us are aware of, but through discussion and exploration I, along with many others, discovered that our current way of breathing was not conducive for us to function to our potential. I found that I was not breathing correctly. This was a turning point for me in this workshop, and the growth in my awareness on how to breathe and also how not to breathe only became greater as the workshop progressed.

Through a balanced approach of theory and practice, Sarasvati leads this workshop with poise and actively engages with each of her students with compassion. Nurturing us through our journey of exploring a number of Pranayama Breathing Techniques. The techniques are designed to not only allow us to counteract the physiological effects that life and routine can have on our breathing, but to also allow us to enter a more mindful, heightened state of awareness. Each technique was demonstrated and then we had the opportunity to try these techniques for ourselves. We were able to explore these techniques in a safe environment, were we could ask questions, raise concerns and share any enlightenment as a result of practising these techniques.

This workshop also explores how we can integrate breath in to our yoga practice, our daily routines and how we can breathe to assist our meditation practice.

If you’re busy, fatigued, curious, unsure then this workshop is for you. If you’re a meditator, a yogi, a human then this workshop is for you. There is something for everyone to explore and gain. Sarasvati has also carefully composed an easy to read handout to gently encourage you to reflect on and continue your practice of ‘Pranayama’.

Though the experience is different for everyone, for me, when I walk up the stairs of Waverley Yoga Studio and breathe in the earthy smell of incense, I know I am here to surrender, to let go. At the completion of the Beautiful Breath workshop, when I walked back down those stairs, I was light on my feet and calm in my mind, but also excited and curious as to where my new-found knowledge could take me.

Jessica H