Shavasana Deep Relaxation and Meditation CD/MP3

NOTE there is very limited stock of the physical CD left – get yours NOW if you want. (Also available as mp3)

The practice of Corpse Pose – Shavasana – will help counter the physical stress and tension of your life, reducing the effects of the stress hormones to support ongoing wellness and balance. Anyone can listen to this and get these benefits.

Shavasana goes deeper than just a nice relaxation though. It helps you to experience stillness and the freedom that comes from temporarily relinquishing body and mind. And from this practice you will see that there is a place for using the mind (of course!), but also a natural ease and spaciousness, a coming home to yourself, becomes apparent. Ongoing practice of Shavasana and meditation brings peace and equanimity to the experience of life, and ultimately liberation from the old way of experiencing self and the world. Try it and see for yourself.

Sarasvati has been sharing the benefits of Shavasana since 2001.

After many requests she produced this CD in 2007 so that you can experience these benefits even if you can’t make it to the studio.


There is also a track for practicing deep breathing.

This is especially useful if you are looking for healing or a more complete wellness.

And for students of anatomy, there is a trip through the body naming some of the major bones and muscles of the body (very useful for Yoga teachers and trainees!)

The 2017 10-year anniversary release also includes a bonus track to guide you into Still Mind Meditation


  1. Deep yogic breathing for wellness, healing and relaxation (9 minutes)
  2. Shavasana – relinquishing body and mind for deep relaxation and meditation (21 minutes)
  3. Anatomical trip through the body – major bones and muscles, for students of anatomy (11 minutes)
  4. Short relaxation (13 minutes)
  5. BONUS 10 year anniversary track Guided stillness meditation (20 minutes)

All guided by Sarasvati, with beautiful meditative background music.



I have practiced yoga for many years, and relaxation or yoga nidra has always been my favourite time in the class. I have heard many versions of this practice, and recently was given Sarasvati Dawson’s Shavasana CD for Christmas.

Without doubt it is the best version I have ever listened to.I experienced a very deep relaxation, which led to a blissful state of meditation.

I highly recommend this CD for your practice.

With great love


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