Acceptance does not mean Apathy

A series of blogs arising from picking a contemplation card from my deck

Being okay with how things are is a great yogic practice.

When we practice acceptance, we are not arguing with reality. We are being real. We are being truthful. We are being in the moment and being okay.

Practicing acceptance also does not mean there is nothing to do.

It doesn’t mean we can’t work towards change. It simply means that for this moment now, things are as they are. You have a choice about whether or not you want to do anything to influence the moments in the future. But for this moment now, it is what it is.

Acceptance of this moment can give rise to the capacity for change. When you are not busy in your head arguing with the reality of the moment, perhaps you can more clearly see what needs to be done.

Acceptance does not mean you are a doormat to be walked all over. Acceptance frees you to do what you can do. It does not mean apathy.

I’d love to know what YOU think about acceptance.

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One thought on “Acceptance does not mean Apathy

  1. I was in a 12 step meeting this evening. The topic was “acceptance” I was just sitting listening to the “normal party comments” about acceptance when the thought just popped up, “acceptance does not mean apathy”. A few minutes later I was called on to share my thoughts on Acceptance. The only thing I thought was this soundbite; Acceptance is not apathy. I had never thought of this before and did not have much to say on the topic so I passed.
    To test my sanity and insights, I did a Google Search, and wow, there is much written about this topic.
    I need to read and research this topic more.
    Thank you for your web site.

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