Yoga off the mat contemplation cards to inspire your practice

This work is about living everyday life with awareness

What is awareness?

It is being present for the moments of your life, rather than being in your head about them. It is about being aware of your connection to all that is, as well as your state of inner freedom.

It is about making conscious choices.

It is very easy to be blind to the effects of how we live. It is easy to not consider the consequences of our actions. To not take care in looking after our resources and our planet, as well as our loved ones. Every action has a reaction. Everything we do has some sort of impact. Living with awareness is being aware of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.

This week I’ve been describing a tiny thing I’m doing at Christmas to reduce the plastic and paper waste from bon-bons. I’m wrapping up a small gift (one that will be used, not some junk) in the cloth napkin that we will use for the meal. There won’t be anything to throw out, surely a tiny win for the planet.

Living everyday life with awareness is a work in progress.

There are lots of things we can do everyday to be more sustainable and less wasteful. I’d love to know some of the things you do with awareness of our planet in mind. And of other people on this planet too.

Awareness isn’t limited to the sustainability of our planet, it is about the effects of all of our actions, even our thoughts. It is a big ask! Sometimes life gives us feedback and if we are aware we can learn from that. Little by little we learn to be present, conscious and aware. Sometime we forget ourselves.

We drop back into me and small self, forgetting that we are the ocean, we are the connected one-ness, we are the universal being.

Much more meaning than is teased out here can be taken from these cards, this is just a start. I’d love your feedback and look out for my blog about the next card soon.

You can purchase your own set of these contemplation cards from the store HERE and postage is free in Australia.

The gorgeous original picture on the front of each card is by Gayle Stone Art.